Coaches Corner: Dr. Julie Ann Allender

In our September 2014 issue, we highlighted some local coaches, mentors and therapists in Coaches Corner.

306 Rickert Rd, Sellersville

For Julie Ann Allender, EdD, a can-do attitude is essential to making the most of her approach to therapy. “I teach that no mountain is too high to climb,” she says. Describing herself as having “fought the systems that didn’t work,” Allender developed her therapy techniques by looking at what everyone else was doing—and doing something different. “I have spent 35 years growing, learning, evolving and creating a business,” she explains. That business includes such unique facets as a “simulated tropical garden in the therapy room” as well as animal-assisted therapy offerings.

Allender believes everyone should understand that change and transition are difficult and “if one keeps pursuing their goals they can achieve anything.” She expresses a specific interest in reaching out to young adults and working to prevent bullying behaviors. For all of her clients, Allender says she looks to work with “those who come in my door wanting to tackle the obstacles in front of them and are not afraid to make the changes they need to reach their goals.”

September 2014.

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