The Yoga Studio & Inn at Cammal

In our September 2014 issue, we highlighted some local yoga studios.

Lisa Hibberd
7697 Route 414, Cammal

The Yoga Studio & Inn provides an intimate space—nestled in the heart of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon—to hold a group wellness retreat, including yoga, fitness, nutritious meals and massage. The studio’s intimate nature and scenic, serene surroundings invite attendees to really dive in, root down and connect.

“Space, of any kind, is sacred. The ones we share with others, and the ones where we find ourselves,” enthuses Lisa Hibberd, owner. This particular space is a former bed-and-breakfast, with two buildings, room to sleep 14, a yoga studio on premises and close proximity to biking and hiking trails. “I like to provide the opportunity to nurture these spaces. There is a longing for this in our communities—to make these connections.”

Hibberd says her ideal clients are other like-minded individuals, looking to provide a weekend of wellbeing for their students or clients. “It could be on nutrition, body images, yoga, running, mindfulness, fitness or corporate team building weekends. I am happy to provide the space, be on hand as a massage therapist or yoga teacher; or co-create a retreat with someone and craft an amazing experience for everyone,” says Hibberd.

September 2014.

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