Healthy is Delicious Local Detox Program

Kathleen Downey Detox NBBeginning in October, Kathleen Downey—author of Healthy is Delicious, integrative counselor and nutritionist with 20 years of experience since healing herself of cancer and Lyme disease—is offering a local and convenient way to experience the benefits of her detox retreat vacations right here in Bucks County.

The two-month commitment includes a one-week detox, counseling session, ongoing personal nutritional guidance, one week of breakfast, weekly personalized workouts, breathing exercises and as many phone calls or emails as needed for support. Learn applied kinesiology for self-empowerment, as well as instant facelift techniques.

Cleansing the liver and colon can help to reduce inflammation, ease allergies, joint pain and reverse digestive issues and help lose weight or reduce fibroid tumors. Attendees learn to test themselves for allergies and sensitivities, eat right, exercise and feel content on a new lifestyle track. Learn about you and the amazing things you can do for yourself. Enjoy the benefits of Downey’s retreats at a reduced cost and with continued support for two months.

Cost: $900. For more information, call 858-401-3144, email or visit October 2014.

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