Wholistic Women’s Weight Loss Program

wholistic fitness logoWholistic Fitness, a women’s wellness and fitness center in North Wales, is pleased to announce their restructured, six-week Wholistic Women’s Weight Loss Program. The improved program offers 100 percent customized meeting times with no set start date, more individualized attention and incorporates certain health insurance plans.

Participants only have to bring is a strong will to change, an open mind and a willingness to succeed, alter habits and change perceptions. During the six weeks of the newly structured program, each participant is supervised by three of their women’s specialists: a registered dietitian, a licensed therapist and a personal trainer.

“The difference between someone who loses excess weight once and for all and someone who does the yo-yo dieting thing is that the once and for all person’s mind is in sync with their physical efforts of good nutrition and adequate exercise,” explains Melody Nagy, president of Wholistic Fitness. “Our program is a three-pronged approach. We address the body with nutrition and exercise and the mind through behavior modification and exploring underlying emotions that are connected with the weight loss struggle.”

Wholistic Fitness is a full-service women’s wellness center featuring group fitness classes, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, personal training and more.

Location: Wholistic Fitness, 217 Church Rd., North Wales. For more information, call 267-613-8246 or visit WholisticFitnessOnline.com. October 2014.

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