HeartWell House Expressive Therapies Opens at the Resiliency Center

HeartWell House Expressive Therapies will open its doors at the Resiliency Center, 1811 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 212-213, in Flourtown, in December. At HeartWell House, owner John Muraco aims to combine art therapy, holistic health and yoga. The center offers customized and individualized therapy programs to support health, connect people to what inspires them and build and stabilize physical and emotional health.

“I offer my clients the freedom to explore different, interrelated ways of reducing stress, building health and restoring life’s balance,” says Muraco. “I am weaving clinical therapeutic skill, teachings from several traditions and an understanding of mind, body, soul to work in tandem with people to formulate truly ‘WHOLE-istic’ strategies for self-expression and personal wellness.”

Since 2000, Muraco has studied many approaches to enhancing creative expression and wellness, and to achieving self-expression, stress reduction and the restoration of personal power. These practices have included the visual and performing arts, and holistic health and lifestyle coaching to promote physical and emotional health. He received his Master of Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts, where he gained valuable experience using art in hospitals, with male and female veterans, amputees and people living with cancer, dementia and other challenges.

For more information, call 315-329-9838, email John@HeartWellHouse.com or visit HeartWellHouse.com. December 2014.

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