Special Deal on Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

Elisa Maggio, owner of Touch The Earth, in Ottsville, is offering a special coupon for five, one-hour sessions of craniosacral therapy. The purpose of the coupon is to introduce people to the benefits of craniosacral therapy by documenting with photographs of how it can revitalize their look.

Craniosacral therapy improves the body’s ability to take better care of itself. It can help relieve a full spectrum of pain, illness and dysfunction, including: migraines and headaches; chronic neck and back pain; stress- and tension-related disorders; brain and spinal cord injuries; chronic fatigue; fibromyalgia; TMJ; scoliosis; ADD/ADHD; PTSD; and many other conditions.

“Each craniosacral therapy session changes my appearance, relaxation, thinking, energy, health and well-being all in wonderfully positive ways. It’s like a mini-facelift and a life revamp all in one session,” says Julia Dunning, a client since 2011.

Touch The Earth aims to give clients the chance to step back from the chaos of life and gain a fresh perspective. Their intention is to support clients’ compassionate care for their spirit, mind and body. Touch The Earth also offers massage therapy, Reiki, hot stone massage, empathetic listening, meditation, raindrop treatment and more.

Cost: $399 for five sessions. Location: Touch The Earth, 8883 Easton Rd., Ottsville. For more information, call 973-508-9101, email MaggioMT@yahoo.com or visit MaggioMT.info. February 2015.

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