CEREC Tooth Restorations at Heritage Dental

by Beth Skovron

tooth restoration 1Dental work in the past usually left patients with a mouth full of plastic or silver. Modern dentistry has given us new and exciting options for dealing with the dental problems many of us face. With the state-of-the-art CEREC tooth restoration system, tooth repairs and restorations look much more natural, are more durable and last longer than traditional restorations. Best of all, the whole procedure can be done in one visit to Heritage Dental, in Montgomeryville.

How CEREC Procedures Work

CEREC tooth restoration uses the proven technologies of computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to incorporate a video camera, computer and milling machine into one instrument. The dentist will use a special video camera to take a picture of the damaged tooth, so there’s no need for uncomfortable molds or temporaries. The picture is then transferred to a color computer screen where CAD technology designs and CAM technology creates a ceramic restoration for the damaged tooth. The custom designed restoration is then bonded to the surface of the prepared tooth.

tooth restoration 2Benefits of CEREC Dentistry

•No more silver mercury fillings. CEREC uses a high-quality ceramic material that is natural looking and color-matched to the patient’s teeth.
• Preserves the tooth. The combination of the actual process and new bonding techniques enable the dentist to preserve more of the healthy material, creating a stronger, more permanent result.
• Saves valuable time. Because there is no longer a need to create temporaries or take impressions of teeth and send them to a lab, the traditional, necessary second visit has been eliminated. The whole process is completed in just one appointment.
• Biocompatible materials. Materials are closer to enamel’s properties than any material in use today, so it is compatible with the tissue in the mouth, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant.
• Proven technology. The CEREC system has been tested for more than two decades, with more than 8 million precise, safe and effective procedures done worldwide.

Beth Skovron, DDS, is the owner of Heritage Dental Spa, located at 595 Bethlehem Pike, Ste. 302, Montgomeryville. Connect with her at 215-822-3860 or HeritageDentalDDS.com. March 2015.

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