Holiday Gift Specials from Portraits by Warren Keyser

warren keyser paintingWarren Keyser, a classically trained Bucks County painter with experience painting portraits and figures, is offering holiday specials on portrait paintings for individual and family sittings. Natural Awakenings readers are being offered a 20 percent discount on portrait sittings until January 31.

“I have been painting for 35 years,” says Keyser. “I find the most rewarding form of painting to be the portrait—for both the artist and the sitter. There is nothing more flattering than to see yourself captured as a lasting work of art.”

Keyser works in the alla prima method, which is Italian for “at first attempt”. Combining a foundation of classical portrait painting with a spontaneous and expressive style, he completes portraits in one sitting. He considers each sitting to be a conversation between artist and subject, capturing the fluid energy in a one-of-a-kind piece.

Oil paintings start at 24 x 24 inches, and larger formats are available, up to 48 x 48 inches. Portraits can be either shoulder-length or full-figure.

Keyser attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been working in a private studio in Lambertville for several years. Those interested can call or email to schedule an appointment.

For more information, call 215-760-4557, email or visit November 2015.

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