Letter from the Publisher, April 2016

Our earth is two-thirds water, and water is a crucial part of being – physically and spiritually.  Yet water has become a critical, politically complex issue with environmental, social and economic ramifications.  As I write this, it’s nearly World Water Day, March 22, an internationally observed day of education and activism about water.

Karen-Asa_0416The struggle for humanity’s right to clean and accessible water isn’t just a global issue: it’s happening right here in Pennsylvania. Linda Sechrist’s article in this issue, “Troubled Waters,” discusses a landmark legal case that affirms Pennsylvanians’ right to pure water, clean air and a healthy environment, and gives them the ability to defend that right against fracking and other environmental violations.

The right to water is especially important given the situation in Flint, Michigan, where thousands of residents’ water supply was recently poisoned by old lead pipes. The lead-contaminated water has been linked to a number of illnesses in the people who were forced to bathe and drink in it. The damage will be lasting—all the more reason for us to deepen our quest for sustainability in all parts of life.

That quest manifests in the choices we make about what and where we eat; how we work and rest; our relationships with ourselves, our friends, family and foes; how we choose to interact with nature and our own gardens, lawns, homes and workspaces; and in the ways we spend our precious time. We honor our lives and the lives of all other living things when we set the intention to respect, maintain and preserve.

As I celebrate my one-year anniversary as publisher, I continue to learn and grow, and I’m glad you are all with me for this critical education. May the waters of life nourish and sustain us on our journey.

With you in awakening,


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