Learn Healing Touch at Emerge Empowerment Seminar

kathyfennelly_0916Emerge Empowerment LLC is offering a seminar on Healing Touch, featuring Kathy Fennelly, from 7 to 8 p.m. on January 18, in Phoenixville.

Healing Touch is a relaxing energy therapy that helps the body rest, restore and rebuild by eliciting the relaxation response, which supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Some of the benefits include reduced stress, worry, anxiety and pain, with increased mental clarity and improved sense of well-being. It is safe for all ages and integrates seamlessly with standard medical care.

Fennelly will explain what Healing Touch is, how it works, how to perform it and some of the many benefits it brings, including promoting balance within the human energy system. She will use a “hands on” approach to show how to sense energy on oneself and others as well as teach specific hand techniques to address common ailments (e.g. headaches, stress, mental fog, etc.), and she will close out the session with a guided meditation.

Fennelly, a registered RN with over 30 years of clinical practice, shares, “I really enjoy seeing the look on the faces of people when they feel energy for the first time or the look of complete relaxation after they have received some Healing Touch. It makes my heart smile every time.”

Emerge Empowerment LLC is a seminar series by local female entrepreneurs who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their fields. The seminars are informative, educational and interactive, so that attendees leave each talk with a tool, skill, information or experience that can be immediately useful and applicable to everyday life.

Cost: $25 per person. Location: 75 Ridge Rd., Phoenixville. RSVP to Debbie at 610-635-6776 or Debbie@EmergeEmpowerment.com.

January 2017

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