Paw Wax Protects Furry Feet from the Elements

DogPuppyPawLeg_16460188_l.jpgCandy St. Martine-Pack, owner of Green Street Luxuries, in Lansdale, has perfected a skin product for dogs called Paw Wax through her skincare line, GSL Organics. Made of organic and natural ingredients that include beeswax, calendula, avocado and coconut oils, Paw Wax safely protects paws from water, snow, salt, ice and chemicals.

“I always had the recipe,” says St. Martine-Pack, who started a monthly, live Facebook chat that’s held the first Wednesday of each month. “In a recent chat session pet care came up, including paw wax, and many people asked me to make it.”

To use, simply rub paws directly in the 1.5 oz. tin. For larger dogs, put some on the hand first and rub into paws before walking in rain, snow, ice and salt. Paw Wax is the newest in the GSL Organics line of pet products, which also includes Doggie Wash and Bella Dog Oil.

“I also have recipes for cats,” adds St. Martine-Pack. While Paw Wax for cats is not listed on the GSL Organics website, St. Martine-Pack says she can make it as requested.

The ingredients in Paw Wax work together to moisturize, promote fast healing and act as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. All GSL Organics products are vegan and vegetarian friendly, safe for all ages and skin issues and are paraben-, sodium lauryl sulfate- and gluten-free.

Location: 617 W. Main St., Lansdale. For more information, call 267-879-1554, email or visit

April 2017

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