Prenuptial Agreements Ease Future Legal Heartaches

10159825 - hands with rings and wedding bouquetAs wedding season approaches, many lovebirds are hesitant to discuss an important topic: prenuptial agreements. There is a misconception associated with prenuptial agreements—the idea that someone is planning for the end of a marriage. “Prenuptial agreements are actually a way to ensure that the love and respect we have at the start of our marriages will always govern our behavior,” says attorney Jennifer J. Riley, who has offices in Blue Bell and Wayne.

Riley indicates that she often drafts prenuptial agreements for clients that are clearly in love and excited for their weddings. As she explains, “The most important part of a prenuptial agreement is that the parties reach an agreement, together, before the marriage, during the time in their lives when they might very well be the most in love.

This means that, if something happens years later, the sadness and pain of the divorce will not cloud decision-making. The prenuptial agreement, which they designed, together, when they were happy, will guide their divorce and settlement many years later, and help them treat each other with respect and love.”

Riley analogizes postnuptial agreements with car insurance. “No one wants to be in a car accident, and we all do everything we can to avoid one. But we plan, when we are healthy and safe, for the possibility of a time when we might not be,” she says. “Prenuptial agreements can help keep someone whole during a time that feels unsafe and threatening.”

Law Offices of Jennifer J. Riley are located at 585 Skippack Pk., Ste. 200, Blue Bell and 900 W. Valley Rd., Ste. 703, Wayne. For more information, call 215-283-5080, email or visit

April 2017

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