Healing Consciousness Foundation Celebrates Connie Cifelli

by Jack Firneno

ED_HCFAward_ConnieCifelli_0517At its 10th anniversary celebration in March, the Healing Consciousness Foundation (HCF) honored Connie Cifelli, a two-time breast cancer survivor (or, rather, “Thriver”, as they are known within HCF) with the 2017 Geri Thompson Award. The award honors women that have promoted the mission and values of HCF for the betterment of others affected by breast cancer.

Cifelli began receiving services from HCF during her first bout with the disease, and worked as a volunteer after the cancer resolved. When she had a recurrence, Cifelli returned to start the Wellness Warriors Program, and to offer holistic nutrition counseling for other HCF women.

“I never lost faith, but you can become consumed with fear,” Cifelli says. “Because of the foundation’s programs, I was able to get back in the right frame of mind. I became really passionate about empowering other people.”

Founded by Dr. Beth DuPree, vice president of Holy Redeemer Health System’s Surgical Services, Integrative Medicine and Women’s Health, the Healing Consciousness Foundation complements Western medicine with Eastern modalities and wellness techniques to battle breast cancer.

Of the award’s namesake, who passed away in 2014, DuPree says, “Geri just showed up and wanted to help. It was because of her that we created our metastatic cancer support group, so that women in that situation have a safe place to share their experiences. This award is about remembering her and her spirit.”

The foundation’s healing techniques do not take the place of chemotherapy or surgery. Instead, they are integrated to work with these treatments through practices such as fitness and healthy eating regimens, meditation, reiki and acupuncture to help heal bodies, minds and souls. HCF also offers programming like journaling workshops and retreats that can be taken at any time.

“When you have a cancer diagnosis, you have a last day scheduled for treatment, but there is still a lot of work beyond that,” says HCF’s executive director, Ann Griffiths. “All of our programs and services are ways to help individuals in their ongoing journey for healing.”

For information, email Administrator@hcfBucks.org or visit TheHealingConsciousness.com.

Jack Firneno is an award-winning writer based in Philadelphia. Connect at DadWriterDrummer.com.

May 2017

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