New Vitae Offers Expanded Residential Services for Brain Injury Recovery

NB_NewVitae-JadeHouse_0917.jpgCutting-edge alternatives for those that have experienced brain injuries are now close to home at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery (NVWR). Its comprehensive treatment program, Action Recovery: Brain Injury Services, which includes an eight-bed unit housed in Limeport, has recently expanded to include the Jade House, a satellite apartment setting in Quakertown. This expansion meets the region’s need for additional services for individuals diagnosed with a brain injury.

The Action Recovery program offers long-term and transitional living support for residents, as well as short-term living arrangements offered as a respite option for their caregivers. These services are designed to meet the needs of individuals, family members and allies affected by brain injuries throughout the recovery process.

“With the expansion to the Jade House, Action Recovery residents are excited to have access to additional recovery options,” says Jennifer Searing, a cognitive therapist and art therapist at NVWR. “Over the past few weeks, residents have been learning to navigate the Quakertown community and are searching for vocational opportunities. Staff and residents plan to continue to raise awareness and end the stigma associated with acquired brain injuries.”

Residential options also include two licensed personal care homes, Mount Trexler Manor and Quakertown House, where the safety and support of staff assistance is provided around the clock. Additional residential options in Quakertown include Pathways apartments, which offer independent living in a supervised and supported apartment setting. These staffed apartments provide adults and young adults with a shared living space for up to three housemates. Supported independent living apartments are the most independent living option and often act as the next step to securing independent living in the community.

With more than 30 years of service, NVWR continues to recognize the unique preferences and needs of residents when it comes to achieving recovery goals.

For more information about the variety of services offered, call 610-928-0173 or visit

September 2017

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