Drinkable Arts Sponsors Painting with a Purpose, Supports Local Charities

Drinkable Arts Philadelphia is a mobile art event company providing instructor-led paint on wood or glassware events at area homes and restaurants. Local owner and operator Ava Adames recently created a separate charitable initiative she calls “Painting with a Purpose.”

“I paint glassware items and give them to organizations to raise money through silent raffles or direct sales. It gives the recipients a functional and whimsical piece of art to enjoy,” says Adames. “I also paint customized glasses for retail sales to customers, with 100 percent of profits going to credible nonprofit organizations. Customers are aware of the cause their glassware is linked to, and feel that they have made a contribution as well.”

Glasses have been donated to the Women’s Empowerment Mission through Divas Abroad, empowering girls in underserved countries; The Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research; Friends of Once Upon A Playground at Wall Park; Jessie’s Day, providing scholarships to pediatric heart transplant recipients; Mayte’s Rescue for dogs; United for Puerto Rico; and Jeep Girls Rock for the empowerment of women. Upcoming donations will go to the Autism Society.

Communities can organize FUNd-raising paint events through Drinkable Arts Philadelphia, where guests can paint a beautiful glass for keeping or gifting, and 10 to 30 percent of net profits go to specified 501c3 organizations. Nonprofits should contact Adames directly with Painting with a Purpose-related requests for a handpainted glass for their next auction or fundraising event.

For more information, email AvaAdames@gmail.com or visit DrinkableArts.com. December 2017

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