Letter from the Publisher, February 2018

Hello! to anyone reading this letter. My name is Joe Dunne, and my wife, Asta, and I are the new proud owners of Natural Awakenings magazine of Bucks and Montgomery counties of PA.

Before I start on me and my background, I would like to thank Karen for the more than spectacular work she has performed over her three-year ownership. Not only has she grown the magazine, she has also recruited a talented and dedicated support staff in Melanie, Julie, Kevin and Megan (all of whom are staying with us), and together they have made a difference. Karen’s outreach to the community, her dedication to her advertisers and her attention to editorial content so our readers continue to love us, are second to none. I am almost scared to try to fill her shoes. I know you will all join me in applauding her efforts, and wishing her well, as she designs her new life’s path. Making a difference matters in my world. And Karen, you have made a difference; we thank you. (I know she will still be an avid reader of this magazine.)

A little bit about me. I purchased the Central New Jersey franchise from Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation in September of 2012. It changed my life and my family members’ lives, and I am forever grateful. Asta and I feel blessed with opportunities. In November of 2016 we acquired the North Central New Jersey magazine, we added Mercer County to our Central edition in 2017 and now our first issue is being laid out for BuxMont as I write this letter.

Our gratitude to our advertisers and our readers is just not measurable.

There are way too many things to say in this first letter, so let me say it simply: I love what I do. Natural Awakenings is a part of us. It is not work; it is my life, and I love it. We are all about the good, focusing on what we can do together. I will bring to you a positive attitude, passion and a solution-oriented commitment. Our intention is to make a difference—a big difference.

But I will need your help. Please let me know your thoughts on how we can improve. Reach out to us—we are available seven days a week most of the time. All of our contact information is listed on this page. Text us, call us, email us—you get the picture—we would love to hear from you.

In peace, love, light, good health and much gratitude,

Joe Dunne, Publisher



Phone: 267-544-9585 | Fax: 877-635-3313 | Cell: 908-405-1515 publisher@nabuxmont.com

February 2018

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