Spotlight Profile: Deborah Paul

Deborah Paul will be offering several modalities of energy healing and body work at Lina’s Harmony, in Warrington.

A master reiki practitioner, Paul has also practiced yoga and studied ascension work for 30 years, and she has 14 years of experience presenting transformational workshops, seminars and coaching.


Among the yoga services Paul offers are AYT-Polarity Therapy, AYT-Kosha Balancing, AYT-PT Yoga (private/semi-private), AYT-Element Balancing (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) and AYT-Nervous System Balancing. Her energy work services are reiki, advanced Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Diamond Light energy work using the chakra system and ascension coaching.

Paul explains, “My mission is to serve and make available to all people a path to grow, heal and experience their full expression of God’s love and light in themselves, through themselves and in their lives on this Earth.”

Location: Lina’s Harmony, 366 Easton Rd., Warrington. For more information, call 215-431-8122 or visit February 2018

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