Law of Attraction Workshop Offers Positive Change

Linda Harbaugh, intuitive life coach and owner of Journey To The Self, is presenting Heal Yourself and Your Life with The Law of Attraction from 1 to 4 p.m., July 14, in Norristown.

This three-hour workshop is designed for participants to learn about the law of attraction, how it works and how it can bring positive change into their lives. The workshop will explore how this law can speed up the process of moving toward one’s desired destination, be it a relationship, health, career or prosperity goal. Students will walk away with a variety of techniques that can be used in daily life to help manifest their dreams.

Harbaugh is a certified life coach and intuitive/medium with 30 years of business experience in the healthcare industry. In addition, she is a certified teacher and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, allowing her to provide counseling and guidance from both a trained and intuitive perspective.

“My coaching teaches clients to be deliberate creators of their lives, enabling them to reach their highest potentials,” she explains.

Cost: $55. Location: 1910 Swede Rd., Norristown. For more information, call 484-904-9268, email or visit June 2018

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