Joint-Freeing Yoga Available for All Mobility Levels

Anahata Yoga & Wellness Center, in Lederach, is offering a Joint-Freeing Yoga class from 10 to 11:15 a.m. on September 22.

Introduced to the Anahata community by long-time instructor Liz Chesla, Joint-Freeing Yoga gently and systematically moves each joint through its full and natural range of motion. Considered “The Great Healer”, the sequence enhances joint mobility and helps relieve joint pain and stiffness while increasing body awareness and mindfulness. 

Suitable for all levels and ages, Joint-Freeing Yoga is especially beneficial for those with limited mobility due to injuries or arthritis. It can be practiced on the floor or even seated in a chair.

“Even though it’s a simple practice, students report powerful benefits,” says Anahata owner Kathleen Tooley. “Making yoga accessible to people of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities is a vital part of Anahata’s mission.”

Anahata serves the community by offering mindful yoga and helping students find the yoga postures and practice that support their healing. Joint Freeing Yoga is one of those options.

Cost: $20. Location: 690 Harleysville Pk., Lederach. For more information, call Kathleen Tooley at 215-740-1354, email or visit September 2018

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