Elizabeth Joyce Launches First Friday Lecture Series

In conjunction with Embracing Spiritual Frontiers, world-renowned psychic, healer and author Elizabeth Joyce is launching a First Friday lecture series, to be held from 7 to 9 p.m. on the first Friday of each month, at the James Lorah House, in Doylestown. The inaugural lecture is being presented January 4.

Readers are invited to enjoy The Power of the Inner Soul: Becoming Masters of the Planet, wherein Joyce will offer spiritual, intuitive, downloaded messages to provide attendees with an internal blueprint for accessing the energies of ascension. 

Joyce explains that through giving an authoritative snapshot of the ongoing inner struggles we all endure, she strives to help people understand the events happening to them, their communities, their nation and the world at large. “Each meeting will involve a talk, a meditation and instructions on how to stay attuned and connected to spirit,” she says. “By keeping a critical eye on your balance, connection and awareness, you will be able to go through the coming times in a safe, supportive and loving atmosphere that you will create for yourself.”

Donations are requested to help with expenses. RSVP is appreciated if attendance is definite. Walk-ins are welcome.

Location: 132 N. Main St., Doylestown (entrance on Broad St.) For more information, call 215-996-0646, email Elizabeth_Joyce.16@aol.com or visit New-Visions.com. January 2019

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