Commemorating Reverend Rosemarie Moyer

On March 4, Rev. Rose Moyer, co-founder of the Society for Metaphysical Enlightenment, returned to the spirit world.

Rose was born with what is called a veil, or caul—a sign or spiritual gift of mediumship. She grew up in Philadelphia and is survived by her husband, Robert, and three children. As a teenager, she was a regular on the popular TV program American Bandstand, hosted by Dick Clark.

In her career, she used her psychic talents to create her own teaching school, the Blooming Rose School, where she taught reiki and metaphysics. She helped people reach spiritual connections through her gift of mediumship and traveled in both the United States and internationally to do gallery readings.

Prior to Rose working with Tony Kenton on his Solstice Expo, she had her own holistic expo at the Gilbertsville Firehouse for many years. She was driven to promote spiritualism and is the inspiration for the fall expo, Spiritfest. Rose had a major influence on many events and was a personal friend to many people in and out of the organization.

June 2019

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