Back Again: An Opportunity for Transformation

Why does it feel like I’m always going backward when I want to go forward? 

This is a great question many have asked themselves. When seeking to
change old patterns, many people often feel stuck dealing with the same old issues. In these moments it’s hard not to think, “How can it be this again?”
Frustration typically causes negative thoughts but managed correctly can sometimes offer an opportunity for deeper healing through revisiting.

Through revisiting we learn not to be satisfied with the first and most obvious layer of our negative thoughts. Instead we revisit our frustrations and unearth the mental debris standing in the way of moving forward. The unearthing of each successive layer allows us to accept ourselves more fully and align with the truth of pure love, joy, health and safety. Allowing this revisiting process to occur without judgment permits greater self acceptance, self-discovery and personal growth.

Christi Maybo is an Intuitive Life Coach and co-owner of Christi International Teaching Centre in Doylestown. For more information, visit November 2013.

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