Secrets to Naturally Relieving Stress

Tips from our friends in the BuxMont community

“Practicing conscious breathing helps relieve stress. Concentrate on being in the now and follow the breath in, all the way down to the diaphragm. Feel the belly expand and then contract while slowly exhaling ten times; this shifts the focus and lessens stress. This works in all kinds of situations, and can be done without anyone noticing. In addition, doing this before eating can totally change digestion, often eliminating heart burn and gas.”

Ann Murphy
New Approach Wellness

“Using aromatherapy with essential oils can help ease stress. They can be used topically, on pressure points, and diffused into the air to help the whole house—including pets—feel relaxed. Aromatherapy can also be used while doing simple deep breathing to enhance the relaxation and experience. Lavender, ylang-ylang, Serenity and Roman chamomile are a few recommended oils. Be sure to always use certified, pure, therapeutic grade oils for best results.”

Heather Gannon
Heather Gannon Coaching

“Hypnosis can aid our response to stress. It can help identify the situations in life that are causing stress and identify what can change. Develop coping mechanisms to be able to face stress more appropriately and recognize and avoid old patterns of response. Hypnosis can give the overstressed a chance to live a freer, more enjoyable and healthy existence.”

Barry Wolfson
Hypnosis Counseling Center

February 2014.

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