Making Homemade Yogurt is Easy

by Audrey Chen

Yogurt has long been touted as having sundry health benefits that make it a smart addition to any daily health routine. It contains protein, fiber, probiotics, vitamin D and calcium, as well as many other vitamins and minerals.

Like any food we consume, the quality of the yogurt is important. Looking at regular versus organic yogurt, it’s easy to see that organic yogurt does not contain the chemicals and additives in conventional yogurt. However, purchasing the organic variety for everyday consumption will get pricey, not to mention the waste from all those empty yogurt containers.vitaclay yogurt maker

What’s more, according to The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians, yogurt that has been sitting on the shelves at the grocery store does not have the fresh, active bacteria that homemade yogurt does. Fresh, homemade yogurt can also decrease bloating and relieve constipation, diarrhea and other stomach disorders.

With the help of the VitaClay 2-in-1 Stoneware Yogurt Maker and Slow Cooker, making yogurt at home is astonishingly simple. The VitaClay has a temperature setting specific for yogurt, producing delicious yogurt in just six hours. The appliance is perfect for smaller meals or for making two quarts of yogurt at a time. The three temperature settings—high, low and yogurt—make it easy to get delicious results. The insert is made from chemical-free stoneware, so no unwanted chemicals or lead seeping into the food. Together with its lid, the whole insert can easily be stored in the refrigerator. The VitaClay also comes with 50 recipes for yogurt (Greek or regular), one-pot meals, stews and soups.

For those who eat yogurt regularly, getting in the habit of making and eating fresh yogurt is beneficial to the health of our family and the health of the environment.

For more information about the VitaClay Yogurt Maker, visit

Audrey Chen is the publisher of Natural Awakenings of Bucks and Montgomery counties. To connect with her, call 646-361-7031 or email October 2014.

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