Unbound Synergy Offers Accurate Body Composition Test

Bod PodUnbound Synergy, a fitness training center in New Hope, offers accurate and reliable body composition testing using the BOD POD, which can quantify body fat, measure progress and develop goals for any individual regardless of fitness level.

The BOD POD uses air displacement to determine fat vs. lean body mass. Simply by sitting in the BOD POD, body density and body fat percentages can be calculated. It has been used extensively in university and medical facilities, the military and health and wellness settings throughout the world.

“The scale alone does not tell you the whole story,” states Felipe Sanchez, owner of Unbound Synergy. “The first step in formulating an intelligent program of weight control is to appraise body fat objectively. A body composition analysis utilizing the BOD POD provides a practiunbound synergy real client results chartcal, reliable and most accurate method to assess the body’s lean and fat components.”

Sanchez has the only BOD POD available within a one-hour radius. The BOD POD has been proven to be accurate, using whole-body density measurement. “It is an objective way to measure the success of any training or nutrition program,” says Sanchez. The test takes under five minutes, is non-invasive, safe and comfortable.

Location: 530 Union Square, New Hope. For more information, call 267-740-2244 or email FJSan7@gmail.com. Use code: NaturalAwakenings. January 2015.

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