Love Yourself Enough

by Susan Burger

love yourself enoughDespite all we have been taught and grown to believe, there is nothing wrong with us. We don’t really need “fixing”. Instead, we should focus on letting go of the “shoulds” and dissolving the proverbial “boxes” we have lived in. We can transform, transmute and let go of what no longer serves us. As we love ourselves enough to do this, the underlying “me” that was always there emerges. The beauty of our feminine, our connected intuitive heart and our underlying passion becomes foremost as we release our old attachments and open to all possibilities.

Michelangelo was said to have been asked, “How could you possibly sculpt such a beautiful statue of David from a huge hunk of granite?” He responded, “I just chipped away everything that wasn’t David.” These times insist that we chip away everything that isn’t real—everything that we have believed, which has caused us to alienate us from ourselves, each other, our humanity and sense of connection to all creation.

One place we can start is to discard the idea that mind and body are separate. This erroneous belief has led to a way of being that is disconnected and damaging. Philip Shepherd, author of Radical Wholeness, notes, “There is no such thing as a mindless body. Its tissues are suffused with intelligence.” He goes on to say that there must be a “marriage of the unique insights of the head with the body’s genius. Until those divided parts of our mind are united and coordinated, we cannot experience the unity of our being.”

When we love ourselves enough, we can breathe, turning our focus inward, and uncover what has been there all along. We feel ourselves coming back into alignment in body, mind and spirit. There is a calm and peace in the present moment, and we can start to resonate with a new perspective.

This process could be considered a deep, real and powerful, inward activism. We can love ourselves enough to stop sabotaging our happiness, acknowledge our gifts, trust our intuition, judge less and get “real”. We can “be the change”, take deliberate action, ask for help and support and do this together.

Dr. Susan Burger is available for holistic life coaching, neuro-emotional technique, chiropractic/natural health care and mind/body stress transformation. Connect with her at 215-736-3803, or May 2015.

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