Keep Kids Germ-Free This Summer

by Renata Myers

Whether playing indoors or out, online or off, germs accumulate everywhere kids touch. Keep an eye on these places that carry hidden germs and take the following simple steps to keep kids healthy all summer break.

Video game controllers
Disconnect from the game console and use a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment or a dry cloth to remove all visible particles. Then swab with a well-wrung-out, pre-moistened disinfecting wipe.

Touch screens
We know how to change the tablet to “kid mode”, however it is also important to keep kids safe by cleaning and disinfecting these devices.

Use a dry cloth to remove all visible particles. Then, clean with a scratch-free product designed for electronics.

Bathroom door handles
There are countless germs on bathroom door handles, and many people will jump through hoops to avoid even touching them. Instead of turning into an acrobat in order to stay germ-free, remember to regularly disinfect handles and keep the whole family healthier.

Keeping toys clean
When an infant or toddler finishes playing with a toy, take it from the play area and place it in a bin marked “Dirty Toys”. After the toys are cleaned, place them in a bin marked “Clean Toys”.

Place dirty toys in a bucket of warm, soapy water and let them soak for five minutes. Regular dish soap is fine. Scrub toys to loosen dirt and remove germs. Use a brush on hard-to-reach areas. Rinse toys carefully to remove all soap residue.

Wash cloth toys in the washing machine on the hot water cycle. Hard plastic toys can be washed in a dishwasher. Wash battery operated toys by hand.


Renata Myers is a home cleaning expert and president of Pazeto Cleaning Service, serving Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties. Connect with her at 267-388-7818 or August 2014.

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